Thursday, September 20, 2007

He's Baaaaack

My inbox has been blowing up with this news.

Apparently our favorite "retired" rapper is dropping another studio album...and it's dropping in November! Celebrate his comeback...well he never really left now did he lol...with the restock of this tee. We blogged on it a while back and a few of you missed the boat...yes we got all the angry emails lol...

Still only avail in men's sizes but do your magic and hook it up...shoot throw it on with a wide belt, leggings and hot pumps and you'll be good to go;)


keeki said...

oooo i gotta inform my jay z loving sister!!!! lol

Jewel said...

I heart Jay-Z! I really really do. I sent the company angry e-mails about that size thing I guess they said forget me. I will think of something...... ::thinking::