Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fashion Week-Day 1 Cont.

Well there was just too much excitement from Day 1 to contain to one post! Our favorite former RocaWear designer,Rachel Roy, showed her spring collection yesterday. As usual her best pieces of the collection were her fave two looks below..

Gwen Stefani also made her way back to the tents after a 2 yr hiatus on the fashion show scene...her collection was very 60's era Beatles fave look was this ruffled pencil!

And it wouldn't be a Lamb show without a few infusions of Gwen's trademark black and white..this one is gorgeous...and the shoes deserve a close-up!

Hot Bag Alert!!

Gwen takes her bow w/ little Kingston in tow...she looks fab!

Stay tuned F Listers...there will be more updates later today!!!

1 comment:

keeki said...

i already said i'm loving L.A.M.B. huh lol? the tri-color pumps and yellow oxfords are soooooooo serious!!!!