Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fashion Week -Day 3

Two of my favorites showed on Friday...Proenza Schouler and Tracey Reese..let's jump right in..

Proenza Schouler chose to show outside of the tents at the Park Ave. Armory. The venue blended perfectly with the military theme of the show.

Every jacket and vest was I smell a new trend??

Editor of Vogue Anna Wintour and her daughter were front row

Demi Moore was also in the crowd

And back under the tents Tracey Reese showed her usual fun blend of beautiful colors, feminine silhouettes and Victorian-inspired prints

Veronica Webb and Deborah Cox came out to support Ms. Reese (center)

Editor at Large of Vouge, Andre Leon Tally was also in the building

Can someone explain to me WHY Kimora keeps having runway shows? Does this ish ever make it in stores??? Here's a few snaps from her show yesterday.

Kimora Jack&Lazaro over at Proenza Schouler did this multi-colored corset like 3 years ago! If you gonna bite at least be a little more up to date!

I do like these pants though...

Lawd is Ming wearing skinny jeans? lol..

Nick Cannon & Fiancee Selita Ebanks were spotted at the show...seriously Nick that hoodie is ri-damn-diculous

MJB&Star Jones also showed up

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Fashion Cult said...

What's up F List! I love loved Tracy Reese this season. She looks like she's tryna step outta the box a bit. Good stuff.