Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who's Bad?

Even if you're not a bad ass you can pretend for a day with the help of this lovely tee by Married to the Mob.

avail at www.marriedtothemobnyc.com


Jewel said...

Why do I envision... some hair swooped to the side... bobesque... bad pumps... red lips, freshly manicured nails, cocktail ring... Posted up on a column while posing for a (right) side shot.. with that right leg bent @ that 45 degree angle.. Profiling the the pumps.. while puffing something exotic!

Next shot... blowing the smoke......

:bad girl moment ova:

keeki said...

lol @ "bad girl moment ova" you were on a roll too girl lol. that tee is soooo fly!