Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's a it's a Boot....It's a Snoot!!

Whatever you call it..It is adorable.

Style withLux tee from Urban Outfitters and skinny jeans to complete the look.

Sneaker Boot available at


Jewel said...

yeah those are cute!
Do u put them in the washing machine?

I like that style of t-shirt too.

sweetnvicious said...

STOP! collaborate and listen! those "snoots" are the biz-naz lol
im gonna grab a pair for my sisters b-day

~girly said...

Pls submit pics of your sister rocking the snoots!

I saw a girl wearing that tee a few days ago and it has the cutest drape-y fit to it.

xxxcouture said...

Snoot? Im luvin those!