Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Look for Less:Colored Skinnies Edition

I'll admit...I'm still loving skinny jeans. This season to liven things up a few denim lines have put out colored skinnies! How cute is this royal blue pair by Rich & Skinny? But at $189 is it really worth it? I can see this look fading very quickly...and while your dark denim skinnies were a great investment and extremely versatile, how many times can you really wear royal blue skinny jeans??

The Sleek by Rich&Skinny..avail at Revolve Clothing

Enter Old Navy who has released a strikingly similar pair this fall. At only $17.25 these are affordable enough to not worry if you only plan on wearing them once. And if you really love them you can pick up a few other colors while you're at it!
The Sweetheart..avail at Old Navy

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ginnabinna said...

must pay them a visit!