Friday, August 8, 2008

YAY it or NAY it: Gold Herringbone Chains

Oh how I remember gold herringbone chains...or FLATS as we use to call them in Houston lol. A hot item to have waaaaay back when..and the wider, the better lol! Of course just about everything from way back when is resurfacing. I was browsing Forever21 accessories recently and came across the hottest pair of gold herringbone earrings. I then remembered wanting a gold herringbone chain earlier in the year. A nice piece to layer with other chains (as seen on Kelis below) or worn alone. Yep I can totally see it lol. What's your take on it, YAY or NAY ?


kiki said...

Yay if you know how and what to wear them with

Ginna said...

yay but all i remember is them pinching the hell out of me every once in a while. lol nice find