Monday, June 9, 2008


While browsing Forever21 this weekend "JOAN CLAYTON" popped in my head from time to time. Any fan of the retired sitcom "Girlfriends" know exactly what I'm talking about. Joan's style was classic and clean with a touch of boldness.....perfection in my book! Joan came to mind because of the earth tone volume cut tops and dresses, oversized clutches (the clutch below is huge in person!), and (my fave!) oversized hoop earrings. So now I'm thinking W(What).W(Would).J(Joan).D(Do?). Below I displayed a few pieces, all from Forever21, and created an outfit that screamed "JOAN"! Not overdone, a clutch and hoops are the only accessories needed. It's good to know Joan's look can be purchased for less than $100.00!!! It's Monday....can you tell I miss my "Girlfriends"?


E'Jae said...

Love her style! Nice affordable choices too.

Anonymous said...

I love big clutches - I'm seeing more and more of them lately.

Love those pumps too - do they have the hidden platform?

keeki said...

yes to the hidden platform....hidden platform and some toe cleavage lol!