Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dear Summer

For all my ladies anxiously awaiting the return on the sun let's take a sneak peak at the heat we'll be sweating it out in three months from now!

#1 The Monokini-The bikini's latest incarnation. Ok ladies, you have aproximately 15 weeks to get ready for this look. Let's face it, if you're not in the right shape, this will look a Hot Ass Mess!

One-Piece Cut-Out avail at Urban Outfitters

#2 The Gladiator Sandal-Gladiator sandals will be making a major surge for your attention this summer. This pair by Enzo Angiolini pairs the look with another hot trend for summer...silver!

Metallic Sandal...avail at

#3 Shorts-Shorts will still be a hot look this summer. Pair this cute pair by Soundgirl with a pair of red espadrilles and a white tee and you're ready for July 4th!

Denim Sailor Shorts...avail at FredFlare


keeki said...

oooooooo everything is so cute!

keeki said...

and lol @ hot mess.....yes indeed girl! that body will have to be toned to the T! lol