Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wide Legs

Wide Leg Pants are big this season..

Marc by Marc Jacobs...avail at

The Orchid Wide Leg by GoldSign...avail at

Striped Linen Pants...avail at


sweetnvicious said...

i finally found a pair this weekend olive linen i'll have to wear like 5 inch heels to keep thos babies from scraping the floor

Jewel said...

Luv them...
I immediately tapped into that Nicole Richie (including the Rachel Zoe period )part of my brain... like.. Hmm.what would Nicole wear with this.LOL.
I have a pair of wide leg... shelli segal (Laudry) denims I haven't worn.. I bought them like 4 years ago.

~girly said...

ok vicious we need pics when you debut those bad boys!

jewel you better dust off those pants!!! i'll post a little something with some wide legs later in the week ;)